Service Centre

MIG, TIG, Manual Metal Arc, Inverters, Plasma Cutters (air & mixed gas), Spot Welders, Power Tools, Service, Repair, Calibration & Validation.


Proweld UK Ltd have recently re-organised their Service Centre, using the latest diagnostic equipment to enable them to give a more comprehensive support package to their existing and new customers.

Repairs, Annual Service Contracts and Equipment Calibration/Validation are now carried out on-site, or in the recently refurbished, fully equipped workshop. Their expertise extends across all types of “conventional and inverter technology” welding and cutting equipment.

6 monthly, or annual service contracts, are available. Not only for electricity powered welding & cutting equipment but also a full “safety inspection” programme for all Oxy-Fuel gas welding and cutting equipment, is offered. (BCGA guidelines)

The range of equipment covered, by our fully qualified Service Team, includes MIG, both compact and separate wire feed packages, conventional and pulse synergic, ranging from 160 to 600amps.

TIG, conventional and inverter, air, or water cooled with welding capacities from 165 to 600amps.

A full range of Air and Mixed Gas Plasma Cutters can also be serviced, or repaired with cutting capacities’ from 8mm, with built in compressors to 40mm +, having separate air, or mixed gas supplies.

Repair and servicing of the full range of spot welding equipment both manual and pedestal mounted is carried out, in house, or on site.