Fume Extraction

Welding Fume Extractors Plymouth

We supply welding fume extractors in Plymouth and to customers across the South West region. Extraction is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment for your team. Not to mention, as an employer, it is a legal obligation to provide effective ventilation when welding. Our products are from Kemper and Nederman, renowned for manufacturing reliable and compliant extraction solutions. Also, if you have a faulty welder extractor, we can provide repairs, maintenance or spare parts to help minimise any downtime. So, give the expert team at Proweld UK Ltd today for all your welding extraction and ventilation requirements.

Welding Extraction Units

Fumes, dust and welding gases can pose a serious health risk without sufficient ventilation. Therefore, we only supply high-quality welding extraction units:

Kemper Extraction

Kemper originated in Germany in 1977. They have since earnt their place as an industry leader with their range of innovative welder smoke extraction solutions. Proweld UK Ltd supplies an array of mobile Kemper extraction units and components, including:

Nederman Extraction

Based in the UK for over three decades, Nederman extraction products are highly coveted for both their reliability and affordability. We provide a variety of Nederman portable fume extractor units, including:

Welding Respirators

We also provide a variety of welding respirators and RPE products, such as air fed welding masks. These products are needed where other ventilation and extraction methods are insufficient, in order to ensure your staff health is prioritised. So, speak to a member of our experienced team to discuss whether you need additional respiratory protective equipment, and explore our range.

Welding Risk Assessment

To understand how dust and fume extraction affects your business, you should carry out a welding risk assessment. As an employer, you have an obligation to protect your staff from harmful, potentially carcinogenic fumes from welding. You can view the HSE welding fume guidance in order to learn how to do this effectively. Once you know what equipment you need, Proweld UK Ltd can supply you with it at competitive prices. Consult with our team for expert advice on dust and fume removal.

Contact Proweld UK Ltd

Stay lawful and protect your staff with our range of welding fume extractors in Plymouth, and the South West. We serve businesses across the region, including St Austell, Launceston, Torbay, Bodmin, and beyond. So, don’t delay, call us today!
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