Spot Welding Vs MIG Welding

The most common processes that welders use are spot welding and MIG welding. They offer different benefits to the welder. Let’s find out more about why you might choose to use each technique.

Spot Welding

This is the oldest form of welding, and is probably the most simple way. You use electrodes to apply pressure and heat to the metal that you’re welding together. Spot welding uses two electrodes which are opposite each other on the material. The electric current passes through them to create an electric arc that heats the metal. This is done for long enough for the pieces to fuse. For this reason, it’s usually only used on thinner metals and for relatively simple jobs.

Because a lot of heat can be required to successfully fuse the metals, warping can occur. The benefits of spot welding include a quicker procedure that doesn’t require using any chemicals. Therefore, it’s safer than any other welding technique.

MIG Welding

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. This is a form of arc welding. Arc welding involves using the heat of an arc as the source of heat. The electric arc is created by a power supply and an electrode. This arc creates a strong bond between the pieces of metal. No gas flows through the wire electrode holder.

Person welding steel

This technique requires a lot more skill because you need to have excellent control of the welding equipment. You can use MIG welding to fuse thicker pieces of metal than spot welding. There’s also a much lower risk of warping because not as much heat is required.

For some metals, MIG welding is the only way to fuse them, as the weld will penetrate the material more deeply. MIG welding does not melt the material during the process. Instead, the base metal is heated up as well as a filler metal. The two are pressed together while hot, creating a smooth and strong finish.

MIG Welding

Spot welding only requires the use of electrodes to create the weld. Whereas MIG welding requires more materials, including a wire that needs to feed into the gun.

Welding Gas

MIG welding requires a shielding gas to protect the weld. Without it, contaminants will ruin the finish. Spot welding doesn’t require the use of any gas, making it a safer and less complicated process.


Despite it being more complex to carry out, MIG welding is faster than spot welding. This is because MIG welding can be carried out in multiple sections at the same time.

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