Why You Should Get Your Welding Equipment Calibrated

To ensure your welding equipment produces a great result every time, you need to get it serviced and calibrated regularly. Calibration software analyses your welder and compares it to the specifications it needs to meet. If the equipment isn’t up to standard, it shouldn’t be in use.


Before the machine is calibrated, it needs to be validated first. If it passes validation, no more work needs to be done. You’ll get a certificate which will prove your equipment is safe.

What Is Calibration?

In simple terms, calibration is a process that configures a piece of equipment. It’s used to ensure that the equipment meets an established standard, or at least falls within the permitted tolerance. Calibration involves taking a reading of your welder and comparing the results to the standard that it needs to meet.

Welding systems are connected to the calibration equipment, which measures the voltage, amperage, wire feed speed and gas flow rate. Any discrepancies in the results of the test must fall within the allowed tolerance. Otherwise, the equipment shouldn’t be used.

Why Is Calibration Important?

Ensuring that your equipment meets basic safety standards is of utmost importance. After all, welders can be very dangerous if improperly handled. A poorly maintained system could cause serious physical harm, as well as a substandard end product.

Optrel mig welder

You’ll also be able to reassure your customers that you care about your equipment and are committed to producing high quality work. This builds trust, which lends itself to a good business reputation.

When Should You Get Your Welding Equipment Calibrated?

At least annually. However, if you’re about to take on a big project and need to ensure you get a perfect finish, it’s a good idea to book in a calibration. A newly calibrated machine will perform at its best, and offers better control to its user.

For Welding Equipment Calibration, Choose Proweld UK

If you haven’t had your equipment calibrated in a while, get it down to Proweld UK for a full service. We provide full servicing, maintenance and repair packages, so you can keep your equipment safe and in great condition.

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